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Steve's Splog

Well, I've been spamming my friends with unwanted emails about all kinds of rubbish for a while now. And I was thinking of setting up one of those web logs (Blogs) to cover all these ramblings. But I thought "No!" I'll just post all MY friendly spams on my site and I'll call it my Spam Log (Splog).
(BTW - I can't guarantee any links in here stay live)

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And as if by Xmagic...

Here I am back in your 'in'-box. Swaggering around like I've never been away.... But its been well over a month since I put "keyboard" to "editor" and knocked out a few phrases of gibberish, for my amusment, and your spamsufferingness.

I haven't actually been anywhere though. Not like you peeps that get to have a 'Cliff Richard' (Summer Holiday in the sun). I've been in a new job, and it means I have to commute! Sins of sons of sins!
AND what happened to the promises of 'HOME' working for all! Come the technological revolution!!
AND, since British Rail was privatised, the trains haven't run any better. The guards are just as grumpy. And its just the excuses that have got more imaginative. So, really, what was the point of that? Technology hasn't really made much improvement there either.

As such, I just don't seem to have the time to spam nowadays. Except for today, when I've taken a day off to enjoy the sunshine, and its typically English Summer Rain instead. So I get to just sit around at home... and my mind turns to spam..... (and thats nothing to do with Homel's Spiced Ham because that would be a Capital 'S'! (as they insist on us using). My mind is not infact a salty mashed up pig, but is mearly considering sending some unsolicited mail!)

And you're lucky in that I've just been looking at Intelligent Textiles. (Strangely enough, because of a poem by Thomas Moore and some strange guy - but lets not go there)

I was thinking about how technology has changed the way we view society. The internet being the last big thing, after TV and Radio. And I think it all points to the power of communication.
So, what about Intelligent Textiles? And we dont mean a shirt that will summerise Sartre or a duster that debates Descartes. In fact the term has more ususally been associated with man made materials that have shape-maintaining properties. They 'remember' what they were and revert back to that shape after having been pulled 'out-of-shape', like Lycra (if I can put those two words together without causing offence).

What has actually caught my interest is conductive materials - fabric with embedded electronic circuitry. These can have all kinds of silicon woven into them. And we're talking pressure sensors, light emitting diodes, even logic circuits...
And not just my interest has been piqued.
Infineon has teamed up with a German clothing supplier to produce a men's jacket with a built in MP3 player (
Not only that but they're looking at stuff like smart carpets, that know where people are and can flash up signs and advertising. Imagine bying advertising space on a carpet. Business men with subliminal messages in their suits. Hey, just stick a couple of solar panels on the back of your coat, and who needs batteries?
But I think the big thing will be communication. Mobile phone technology sewn into your lapels. A PDA on your sleave, wirelessly connected to whatever 'hot-spot' you happen to be standing near. Not forgetting that the whole wireless thing is becoming more like 'hot cities' than 'hot-spots'.
Mitchigan and Paris have had huge Wi-Fi networks installed. Ottawa Wireless ( has installed a city wide zone in Michigan. And SFR have knocked up something pretty major in the business district of Paris.

However, lets hope that our clothes don't come with a Microsoft Operating System. Already virus' for Windows Mobiles are on the way. A proof-of-concept virus called 'Duts' had been developed by International virus writers "29a", and since then another 2 (Cadir and Brador) have been developed within a matter of months.
However, "Backdoor.WinCE.Brador.a is most probably already in the wild, and it's absolutely viable," says Alexey Zernov, a spokesman for Kaspersky Labs. "This backdoor wasn't written for demonstration but for a specified purpose: to penetrate PDAs, getting full control of the infected mobile device."

Of course, while I've been off air, Microsoft has finally realeased its Windows XP Service Pack 2 after several delays to fix a few teething problems,

Here's the gen -

File Name: WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe
Download Size: 272391 KB (266MB)
Date Published: 8/10/2004
Version: SP2
(So a hefty bundle of security and feature upgrades)

However, since the release Redmond has also had to issue a fix for its CRM products to stop it falling over when Service Pack 2 was installed on machines running the programme.
A patch for a patch as it were. Maybe they'll include it in the next version - SP2.1?
And although users have been told to get the update by turning on Automatic Update, there is (since Thursday) a tool on the Microsoft web site to block the download of XP SP2 while Automatic Update is turned on! It appears that some businesses 'custom' software is not behaving itself with the new service pack installed.

I get the feeling that we haven't heard the last of this.

One other really important piece of news I've missed this month is that Recycling Directive (WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipement) that was to come into force August 2004, designed to stop users dumping old electronic equipment, due to the massive build up of heavy metals in landfill sites from such equipment.
And... Whoops, the DTI has missed the deadline for making it UK law but its still going to have to 'enforce' the law come August 2005.

What the WEEE directive means is that the Electronic industry is going to made responsible (throughout the EU) for the recycling (ie collection and disposal) of all the equipment they sell. Ultimatley this cost is passed onto the consumer, but its the right step towards the 'true' cost of consumerism.

And on that uplifting note. I'm off down the pub :-)

Somethings will never be changed by technology, thank god.

Will be spamming you again when you least suspect it...

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