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There's some software I really like. And other pages that warrant a mention. This is they.
First up is a brilliant piece of software written for the Linux/FreeBSD platforms. A typing tutor called Makin'bakon. There just are not many really good ones out there for these platforms. But I can recommend this one, and although in it early stages of development, looks like its going to be THE definitive FREE typing tutor for many years to come. So - all you Linux and BSD users looking to improve your typing skills follow this link :-)
bulletMakin'Bakon teaches typing

I use Vi. And I like it. So if you too want to learn to use Vi then here is a handy little tutorial. Get into it and enjoy :-)

Well, I'm getting into PHP now, so although its not strictly a software link, this is the BEST source for finding what you want when programming in PHP.
Its part of Apache, and I'd put a special link to them too, but they are just a little bit too obvious.
This is the PHP Manual - and its fab!
bulletPHP Manual

Another little fandabulosa goodie is Igloo FTP.
A nifty little FTP client thats been developed for Linux, But I use it on my FreeBSD box too. Its very easy and very nice to use.
bulletIgloo FTP

Spambnc or Spambouncer. whatever you want to call it. If you use procmail, then add this in. It just has to have a tar file downloaded and unpacked every so often.
It filters out the spam fantastically. Can't rate it highly enough.

I didn't want to put a load of really obvious links in here, but since I've been messing with the Gimp I guess I haven't much choice but to give it a link. So here it is.

OK, this is a bit of a cop out...
This is the current state of my...
bulletMozilla Bookmarks!

Sea Fishing in Brighton
bulletAquavistesse Charter Boat

more links when I get round to it :)