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23: Sunday/09th/November/2008/02.04.54-PM

this a new blog - now I can edit it
And so..

Editting blog function now implemented :-)

22: Wednesday/05th/November/2008/09.42.25-AM

Well - Big day.
Barack Obama became President of America.
We all hoped it would come true, but no-one really dared believe it was going to be possible.
So we will now have a black family living in the white house, and its feels a bit like being in a film.

21: Sunday/26th/October/2008/11.44.32-AM

Dual screen monitors are probably better dealt with today.
My set up seems to keep getting itself confused and all my nicely sorted icons get mashed together...

20: Saturday/25th/October/2008/12.08.33-AM

You should try this, it is fun...turn up the volume.

click > > BUBBLEWRAP -

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